D'ja Ever Notice?

Just how much Trent Reznor and Matthew Fox look alike? Or is it just me?


Go Shorty Reloaded

My friend James celebrated dirty thirty on Wednesday. It's all downhill from here, Tiger. Look at him, isn't he a handsome devil? Happy Birthday Darling, when you're back in Montreal, we'll celebrate for real!

Go Shorty, It's Your Birthday

Happy Birthday Dr. Big Daddy! Yesterday was my friend Dave's birthday. He is a cusp baby. This is one of my favourite photos of us... note the stunned drunken looks on our faces, the complete disorientation. I believe this was taken at one of Steph's parties back in grad school days. Remember Steph "Oh please" Big Daddy? Hope you had a great day. I am looking forward to taking you out for a beer to honour this auspicious event, hahaha.


One small step ...

First Blog Post

Like everyone else in the free world, I have things to say too dammit. Thus I begin my adventure in blogging.
The picture you see was taken in Crotone, Italy the night Italy won the world cup. I still can't believe I was there! It was quite an experience ... cars honking and people screaming ... old ladies spraying everyone with garden hoses, people high fiving each other ... wow. And was I ever glad to be there. But that's another story. This is just the intro post.
On this blog, because I am a literary hipster geek, I will be posting stuff about both high art and pop culture, the dogs I foster, music, animal stuff, lessons that I teach to my students ... just about anything and everything I feel like. And that I hope you will enjoy, of course. For example, one afternoon I may analyse Michael Jackson's "Thriller" from a contemporary gothic literary position. Or I may offer my analysis of "Lost" and the post modern clash between faith and science ( I mean, c'mon man, the guy is named Locke. The other one is named Hume! They're practically giving it away!) Seinfeld, the Matrix franchise, Prison Break, NIN, Anne Rice, is there a God? Canada's role in the Middle East, etc etc. There are no rules. Please read and please comment. Thanks for stopping by!