One small step ...

First Blog Post

Like everyone else in the free world, I have things to say too dammit. Thus I begin my adventure in blogging.
The picture you see was taken in Crotone, Italy the night Italy won the world cup. I still can't believe I was there! It was quite an experience ... cars honking and people screaming ... old ladies spraying everyone with garden hoses, people high fiving each other ... wow. And was I ever glad to be there. But that's another story. This is just the intro post.
On this blog, because I am a literary hipster geek, I will be posting stuff about both high art and pop culture, the dogs I foster, music, animal stuff, lessons that I teach to my students ... just about anything and everything I feel like. And that I hope you will enjoy, of course. For example, one afternoon I may analyse Michael Jackson's "Thriller" from a contemporary gothic literary position. Or I may offer my analysis of "Lost" and the post modern clash between faith and science ( I mean, c'mon man, the guy is named Locke. The other one is named Hume! They're practically giving it away!) Seinfeld, the Matrix franchise, Prison Break, NIN, Anne Rice, is there a God? Canada's role in the Middle East, etc etc. There are no rules. Please read and please comment. Thanks for stopping by!

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Maggie said...

Yay! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogdom. I am looking forward to getting more glimpses into your brain. It seems like an intriguing organ.