Cruelty and Stupidity are good friends

And the award for completely missing the point goes to Gong Li. Why don't you call up Jello and you guys go out shopping together.

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It's not the language, Jello

Perhaps the "restraint" is the lack of talent.

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How about bald fag?

It's a regular Algonquin Table up in here.

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Otters holding hands

Aw come on, this is cute overload. But wait, is it Adam and Eve otter, or -gasp- Adam and STEVE?!?!!?

Come on and Play

Ya know ya wanna.

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Bitch, S'il vous plait!

 Some after election fallout. Oh my God.

Patrick Bourgeois and Pierre-Luc Begin, in Le Quebecois, an online hardline sovereignist newspaper:

The two writers say the PQ hasn't done a good job promoting sovereignty and must work to "create (not wait for)" winning referendum conditions.

The PQ should sell the idea of creating a French-language country with a Quebec identity and a "republican" immigration model.

"By excluding identity arguments, we're leaving room for foolish nationalists who today find themselves in the Action democratique du Quebec - idiots incapable of even explaining their autonomy concept but who nevertheless scored points by jumping feet first into the reasonable accommodation issue ...

"Whether we accept it or not, immigration is a threat that weighs heavily on the future of the French fact in Quebec ... By allowing itself to be overly influenced by ideas currently in fashion on the Plateau Mont-Royal, the PQ has allowed itself to be marginalized on this issue."

The only way to ensure immigrants integrate is to make Quebec a country and ensure that immigrants reconnect with the French reality, they argue.

To read the rest of this thoughful, well-balanced and fair-minded piece, click here. Personally, I think we should all blame those Portuguese for every single problem Quebec has ever had or will have, eh Mateus?

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Rami, this is for you

We gotta save these critters before it is too late. Look how adorable he is.

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Does he have a brother?

My - uh - friend wants to know. Yeah, my friend.

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April fool!

Top these great pranks.

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Hey, are we making progress?

According the EOnline today:

Just a day after Trump inked a deal ensuring that both Miss USA and Miss Universe will be getting crowned on NBC until 2010, cable network CMT announced that it is opting not to televise the Miss America Pageant next year. What, no one wants to watch this dog and pony show?

Read the rest here.

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Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

...Not!You can thank Hell for these little vixens.

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Cheesy band but I loved the movie.

Don't do it

Hey Jello J-Lo, this is for you.

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Bitch, Please!

This guy kills me. Shut the hell up:

Sean Combs
might want to consider changing his moniker again, to Whosyour Daddy. The rap mogul spent over a day getting down with the mother of his twins, Kim Porter, in Paris, he claimed in England's Daily Mirror. "We went up to my suite and had tantric sex for at least 30 hours, ordering up whipped cream and strawberries while we were at it.":

From todays NY Daily News, Rush and Malloy.

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But wait, didn't she get it for free?

jessicasimpson.jpgLook out Mother Theresa. Here's comes Jessica Simpson, that paragon of female empowerment and spiritual leadership to bestow gifts upon the needy. Good for her. She's moved on from prostituting herself for fast food and bad cinema.

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Thank you Burger King!

I love getting news like this. Ingrid Newkirk sent out a huge email about some progressive change over at Burger King. Read all about it.
You don't have to be a crazy animal lover like me to appreciate that cruelty in all its forms is wrong, whether it be cruelty towards a man, a woman, a child, or a dog. We are all God's creatures. And you don't have to be a vegetarian, but the damn least we can all do is not torture these poor creatures before we eat them. Because yes, they CAN feel pain. Just accidentally step on your cat to hear that horrendous yowl they let out to prove it to you. And don't tell you don't feel bad for a minute. I do. My cat is a master manipulator.

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Peanut Butter, The Atheist's Nightmare!

Goes with the previous post. Yee haw ... damn that stupid evolution.

Maybe Alan Thicke is the "atheist nightmare!"

www.bestweekever.tv is the shit. Check out their hi-LAR-ious commentary.

"A few months back, you might remember having seen the hilarious video in which Kirk Cameron and his ministry partner heterosexually use a banana to prove that the world was created by God, not by evolution. In fact, they call the banana the “athiest’s nightmare”. Well, according to this new video, the athiests have a new nightmare to haunt their dreams of a Godless world: peanut butter. So basically, if you eat a peanut butter and banana sandwich, Jesus will actually appear beside you and spank Darwin’s ghost while turning water into a cold, refreshing glass of milk."
Heterosexually use a banana. Hohoho stop! My sides!

But what about the groupies?

Maybe this is when it all started to go downhill...

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For my Ravens and Shadows students

(thanks www.bloguez.com for pix.) I came across Marilyn Manson's blog today where he talked alittle about his downward spiral after Dita Von Teese left him:

Marilyn Manson sits in the front room of his home in San Fernando Valley, drinking from a bottle of rose-tinted absinthe. The house feels dark and unwelcoming - his estranged wife, model Dita Von Teese, has recently moved out - and Manson apologizes for the disarray. Without the makeup that he usually wears in public, and dressed casually in black, Manson pours himself into a couch and explains the turmoil that's plagued him for much of the past year - and ultimately led him to restart his musical career with a new album, EAT ME, DRINK ME, due in June. The songs, he says, "are clearly written to seduce somebody," though he is hesitant to divulge whom. "I don't want people to think the record is some kind of exploitation of my personal life," says Manson. "At the same time, it also represents exactly who I am and what I feel."

For the next few hours, Manson plays unmastered cuts from EAT ME, DRINK ME and describes his year in hell. "Halfway through last year I was in such a black hole of depression," he says. "I couldn't make anything, I couldn't do anything. I lost hope." At the time, Manson's mother was diagnosed with a mental illness and, he says, "I got trapped in one of the classic rock & roll cliches of having people that work for me rob me behind my back." He had no interest in making music, and the film project he was focused on - Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll based on the twisted life of Lewis Carroll - became a psychological burden.

Manson says he was finally uplifted by a close friend's morbid gesture of devotion. "She picked up a butcher's knife and said, 'Here, you can stab me,'" he says. "When someone was willing to drown with me, I really didn't want to drown anymore." This theme is depicted in the six-minute epic "If I Was Your Vampire," which Manson wrote on Christmas. "That song is the new 'Bela Lugosi's Dead,'" says Manson. "It's the all-time gothic anthem."

The album's lyrics were written after last Halloween. That night, Manson presided over the opening of his Los Angeles art gallery. The next morning he left his home in the Valley and set up temporary digs at a studio-equipped house in the Hollywood Hills. "Suddenly," he says, "I felt liberated. I'd write a song, walk two doors down the hall and record it right then." Manson's lyrics, which were recorded over tracks by Tim Skold (who joined Manson's band in 2002 as bassist), came quickly. "I was writing out of desperation and hope," he says. "The record came out in a rush - like an open wound - and I went with it."

"Just A Car Crash Away" is a Bic-waving ballad, a death march punctuated by Skold's searing guitar solo. "The Red Carpet Grave" is classic Manson, echoing with buzz saws and primitive percussion. (In fact, on "You, Me and the Devil Makes 3" they beat on a metal skunk trap they found outside the house.) Manson wrote the album's first single, "Putting Holes in Happiness," on his birthday, and describes it as "a romantic-misogynistic-cannibal-gothic-vampire ballad."

Manson hopes to release a film in conjunction with the disc that he claims "is nothing short of the most horrifying horror that you could ever experience." He will also tour this summer, debuting live versions of the new songs at European festivals. "I really wanted to be a singer on this album," he says. "This is very earnest and uncalculated and raw, in the sense that I know I'm fucked up, and I'm really not ashamed of it."

The article was written by Austin Scaggs (hey are you related to Boz?) for Rolling Stone magazine. Click here to read M.M.s blog and the article.

A new Gothic anthem? We gotta listen to this! Sebastien, can you get on that?

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Another Ginormous Leap Forward

Thanks Ladies, for keeping up insulting stereotypes. Godd job! Maybe tomorow you could tidy up the office in high heels and sexy lingerie and serve lunch to all the male CEOs? How about that too?

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Important Philosophies to Lead a Good and Healthy Life

Really, it's a little like Buddhism if you think of it. Taken from today's Post:

"I DO think one should have clean feet. I clip, clip, clip and buff, buff, buff and really, anyone can spend time with some pumice stone. Maintenance is terribly important" - Manolo Blahnik to the London Observer.

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Oops, she did it again

Fergie Fergie Fergie, ya gotta stop with the partying!Taboo

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Snakes on a Plane Early Auditions

My friend Maggie (she's linke in my friends) sent me this video. Hahahaha. Good one.

The daily funny

What's the cover, asshole?

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Why do all prisoners find God?

Our second contender for father of the year, Mr. Lindsay Lohan's father, claims he found the Lord while locked up for drunk driving, I believe. Why does this always happen, some loser/thug embraces religion and is saved. Yeah. I believe it. Just like John Abruzzi, a character in the show Prison Break, who was a vicious mob boss.Upon his return to prison general population after an asssassination attempt by another character, the charmingly named T-Bag, he became extremely religious, after having seen what he perceived as the image of the face of Jesus in a water stain on his cell wall. No, that's reasonable. Once I saw Jimi Hendrix in a pile of mashed potatoes at Easter time. It can happen. Although his religious faith was surely not fake, according to Wikipedia: "his overly friendly demeanor was. Abruzzi was in fact every bit as ruthless as before, going as far as to set up the kidnapping of Veronica Donovan as a means of forcing Fibonacci's location out of Michael. Michael never came to learn of this, since Veronica escaped from Abruzzi's clutches. Nevertheless, Abruzzi continued to act benign while still inside the prison walls." So, there, people can not be hypocritical liars when they are religious. Of course not.

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Thanks for stopping by

Really, thanks a lot! Did someone link me because lots of people have stopped by today. I appreciate it and I appreciate your comments (hint hint).

Putting the "pass" in Passover

As in 'Thanks, but I'll..." You just have to go and ruin everything, doncha?

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We are not alone

I lurve a good conspiracy theory.

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But what about the dog breath?

Now this is why they are our best friends. Awwwww.

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He's Rick James, bitch!

Sometimes I really miss this freak.

While the lucky got luckier

While some people cough vapid privileged socialites and coke hoovering actresses cough just made a killion dollars for flashing their naughty bits, I mean, doing nothing, this is what happened today:
how many animals suffered?
a random day in Darfur?
how's my Ozone layer

and last but not least, any heinous English errors? WTF does this mean anyway?

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Oh no she di-int! Source.

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Suddenly, I'm Interested

Wow, reading this makes me really really wanna see this guy.

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Father of the Year

From an item in this morning’s NY Post:
THE crew making The Winter of Frozen Dreams in upstate Schenectady was horrified when the father/manager of star lady Thora Birch insisted on watching the filming of her sex scenes with Dean Winters.  Even though it’s industry practice to shoot sex scenes on a closed set, Jack Birch - who met Thora’s mother, Carol Connors, as her co-star in Deep Throat - demanded to be present as his daughter and Winters simulated intercourse last week.

“It was so wrong,” said one insider. “The director is saying, ‘Harder! Faster!’ and the father is giving Winters the thumbs up.”

Her dad, who “looks like Charles Manson” in a “full-length leather coat and wraparound sunglasses, even at night” - was described in a review of his Road of Death (1973) as “a muscle-stud . . . so unphotogenic you can’t take your eyes off him.”

This sounds like one of the dysfunctional families we talk about in my gothic literature class, Ravens and Shadows. What the hell kind of father wants to watch his daughter having simulating sex? I believe the official word is "ick." Can you imagine storytime in this house? I envision live reenactments and a lot of overshares. We should introduce him to Lindsay Lohan's mom. What a powerhouse team they would make. Can you see it? Boogie Nights 4!

Thanks to www.faux-news.com for picture of Charlie Manson. Thanks to www.tonova.typepad.com for picture of poor unfortunate Thora.

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Vampire Geekdom

I used to love Buffy. It's one of the big reasons I teach a class called Ravens and Shadows. But I don't love math. It's a pickle.

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Richie Spice-Youths Dem Cold

The following meditation on the above video is from www.obtusity.logspot.com. I thought it was a terrific analysis and wanted to post it for all to read.

Beginning and ending with shots of children on the streets of Jamaica, Richie Spice's video for "Youths Are So Cold" is a revealing look at the depressingly cyclical situation of his homeland. Just as the song laments a suffocating system of poverty, violence and lack of education, director Ras Kassa The Guru shows us a visual world of underground alleyways and insurmountable walls. And while the environment is specific to one country, the message of the video is relevant for anyone, anywhere in the world.

The camera comes in through the roof above Richie Spice in an early shot, and from this moment forward we are within the confines of Spice's world. The narrative focuses on a couple of violent acts in the name of monetary gain, but it does not attempt to romanticize these depictions. Though the young boy who stabs an innocent girl in order to obtain her cellphone is clearly in the wrong, his situation is far more complicated than we can imagine. Not only has he likely grown up in poverty and hunger, as Spice sings "searching for food for the pot, they'll do anything to fill that gap," but he has little faith in society to provide any opportunity for him to transcend his upbringing. A bespectacled white man observes events from a bridge but doesn't move to help, and the subsequent police brutality simply reaffirms the kid's feeling of worthlessness.

Spice comments on the sun shining each day, but the video underlines his opinion that it's simply an "illusion" of happiness; turning the bright colors of a freshly painted wall into dull grays. Within the same scene, as a teenage boy paints those walls, there is an elderly man staring blankly at the camera next to Spice. Life can turn so quickly from the hopeful sunshine of youth to the bitter regret of old age, and this is perhaps the greatest pain that Spice feels. He stands somewhere between the two other characters, at the crossroads of his life. What he realizes is that too many lives are spent solely on survival, rather than pursuing and utilizing the optimism of childhood.
The youth are both literally and figuratively left out in the cold in this process. Spice believes it starts with access to education, but it is equally important to consider what children are actually being taught in classrooms. Even kids who go to school their entire lives end up "cold" and disillusioned as a result of being educated to consistently doubt themselves. Somewhere along the way the spirit of life is suppressed and the fire put out. The goal is to raise everyone out of the slums of hopelessness, but step one is expressing our emotions openly rather than walking blindly over bridges; so that we might inspire the younger generations. With this video Richie Spice has made a valiant first move.



I don't know you that well.

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Guess I won't be joining the Mile High club after all.

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Bonnie Prince Billy

 I also like Will Oldham's take on R. Kelly. It's way less skeezy and more playful in some weird way. Let me know whatcha think!

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Mad World- Gary Jules

This is one of my favourite remakes. I'd love to hear other people's favourites.

Hoho, stop, my sides!

Geek humour. Funny hipster nerd stuff. I love this grammar lesson.

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Let's Play


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Forgive me father, for I have sinned

Look at all these hot priests. (Words I never thought would leave my lips.) I'm a bad bad girl. Well, at least it's for a good cause.

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Stella Artois - beer for idiots or brilliant campaign?

We all know that commercials operate on a primarily subliminal level. This is why most beer ads have a lot of jiggling, scantily clad women and buff dudes dancing around them, drinking the product being advertised. The message is simple, drink beer x and you will get laid. What are we then to make of the Stella Artois ads? I confess I am not a fan of this particular beer- I don't hate it but give me a Quebec microbrewery beer any day. Or even a Heineken. I love its slightly skunky taste. But Stella?
I am aware that in their efforts at gussying up beer advertising, they are attempting to appeal to a more high-brow audience. Perhaps not the usual frat boy, beer swilling, football watching "everyman" but a more erudite, Gauloise smoking, baguette carrying, sensitivo who enjoys old cinema, la po├ęsie, and doesn't just want to get lucky but actually have a conversation, maybe about art.
So I am baffled by these Stella ads. I suppose superficially they do look all artsy and black and white and sepia tinged, with beautiful music and that language of seduction, French. But the underlying message is that of sacrificing long term gain for short term pleasure. Isn't this one definition of idiocy? I mean, would you give up a brilliant manuscript that could possibly change your life and allow you to have anything you want, for one glass of beer? And what does that say about your commitment as an artist? You are easily bought?
What kind of soulless robot sells out a fellow human being for a beer? What Einstein trades a well-trained animal (and sends it to the butcher) for a glass of beer? As an aside, I would like to state that I am strongly against animals in advertising, or circuses or entertainment. Go the Peta.org for information if you are interested in knowing why. Or maybe that's the point ... as Billy Crystal used to say on SNL "It is better to look good than to feel good. And darling, you look marvelous." The Stella Artois spots look all moody and intense and marvelous. Very (pseudo) intellectual. But don't look too deeply into the message. And maybe this is the audience they want. Non-critical thinkers willing to accept the surface value of things. Hey, as long as it looks good, then by extension that means I look good. And that is all that really matters. Isn't it?

A smart pig, stupid man

And the award for short term thinking goes to this mec

Perfection has its price

The beer for idiots

Stella Artois

Is this the beer for the cruel and heartless?


Its a football thing

This video is freaking hilarious. Not that there's anything wrong with it,

Girl, I believe you

I want me this shirt.

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Bitch, puleeze!!

WTF is wrong with this judge?

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Illegal and Immoral

Jeff Corwin is an animal biologist who roves the planet, usually for CNN, exposing many dangers which threaten our animal friends. Apparently he was "roughed up" by an elephant at some sort of animal sanctuary that takes in animals rescued from the wildlife trade. If you know nothing about this despicable practice, then I beg you to do just a little reading up on it. A lot of animals are prized for their supposed magical medical properties. Since 1970, for instance, more than 90 percent of the world's wild rhinos have disappeared, slaughtered by the thousands for one primary reason: their magnificent horns. In Asia particularly, horns are used as some sort of Viagara. Bear parts are also believed to be medical superheroes. Elephants are heading for extinction.

So whenever I hear people like my BFF Paris say some shit like, "I love animals!" or "I want a pet monkey!" I become not only enraged but profoundly sad. (This reminds me of the time I met a real estate agent who was wearing a monster fur coat - ick- who deludely told me she loved animals. Yeah, loved WEARING them! Anyway, that's another rant.)
Either these animal collectors are unaware of the evilness of the illegal trade of exotic animals, or they do know and simply don't care. I don't know which is worse. Makes me think of the Nick Cave song "People Ain't No Good." Is that true? Are we no good? While watching the video of Jeff Corwin get "attacked" by the elephant, I stumbled across Anderson Cooper's blog. He talks abit more about this problem. You can see the video of Jeff here too. Thanks to www.abc.net.au for the pix.

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This is so wrong

Rat poison found in tainted pet food (AP)

Pebbles, a 7-year-old Yorkshire terrier who is battling kidney failure after eating dog food that was later recalled, is cared for at Collett Veterinary Clinic in the Sylmar area of Los Angeles Wednesday, March 21, 2007. The pet food linked to the deaths of 16 animals has shown no signs of contamination, the manufacturer says, and the company cannot explain why the cats and dog developed acute kidney failure and died. (AP Photo/Reed Saxon)AP - Rat poison was found in the pet food suspected of causing kidney failure that killed at least 16 cats and dogs, but scientists still don't know how it got there, state officials said Friday.

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It Really IS the Latest Thing

Just like getting a puppy, from the SPCA, right?

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Amy Winehouse - Rehab

And now, for a breath of fresh (bourbon-tinged) air.

The End is Nigh

Like i predicted, it's the apocalyspe. All the signs pointing to yes.

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Matzoball on David Letterman

I love dogs. I love comedy. Used to love Letterman. This is a giggle fest. His dog is so cute.

Wanna Play?

Ya know ya do ...

Consequences and Repercussions

Mother of the year got the boot, thanks to Rosie. And feebly tries to defend herself. Bitch, please.

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T.V. Opening Credits

The Onion A.V. Club  has a great list of "Opening Credit sequences that fit their shows perfectly." My favourite serial killer Dexter is on the list. i will be talking very soon about this food-porny opening but until then, check out the link.

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Great workout music

I was surfing around for some ideas about musical motivation for the gym or power walks with Chewybear or cross-country skiing on the mountain, when I stumbled across this site. Check it out.

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Funny stuff!

Rather bold but hi-lar-eee-us.

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Erin. good news!

I know how much  you love/want admire him and his huge talent ... as an actor.

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"Don't Shoot The Messenger"

Hmmmm .... I wonder who THIS is.

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Bitch Please

Oh my God, is this the mother of the year or what? Can you say delusional? Or is there a better adjective you could use? This is so horrifying and just so very very sad. But like a train wreck, I can not help but look.

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Happy Spring!

To celebrate the first day of spring, go get yerself some free coffee. Oh wait, does that apply to us hosers too, eh? It is a balmy -9C here in Montreal but with the wind chill, feels more like -79. Chewy lurves it. I'm not complainin' though, no way. We barely had a winter here. We had a green Christmas, for pete's sake. Ick! This is Montreal! Yes, I admit it did get cold in January, but it was great for the skiing. My student Adam Forlini from my Ravens and Shadows class yelled out one morning, "It's not global warming, Miss, it's global freezing!" Haha, good one.
Yesterday, my friend (and colleague) Meg S. and I went skiing again on the mountain. One of the many great things about living in this fabulous city is that you can be in the middle of downtown Montreal and not even realise it. You'd think you were up north. I luvs it. Works in the summer too. Don't have a cottage? No prob. Just take your little deck chair, a book, a cooler and sit in the woods. You'll hear nary a car. Just watch out for random masturbators, though. They won't hurtcha, but, gross, who the hell needs that?
Did I mention that when I called Meg, she was vaccuuming in her little french maid's outfit? That Andy is one lucky man. This is us yesterday enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery:

I got a new phone last months, thanks to Fido. Not only can I listen to great music on this phone, either online or my own, but I can also take pix. How great is that? Meg is the hottie in the non-shades. It was a lot of fun. Thanks Meg! I down again tomorrow if you are!?
I think my friend Erin is dangerous for my health. On Friday evening, she called me. As we were chatting away, my sock got snagged on my coffee table and I fell face first into this little column in my living room. I coulda lost an eye! I was left with a huge scratch between my eyebrows, a bruised eye, two extremely sore little toes and a muthafucka of a bruise on my right knee. Yes, very graceful. I was also dizzy for 2 days. Of course, the first words out of my mouth were "Erin, I just gave myself a sub-dural hematoma!" Too much CSI. I know. So anyway, fast forward to yesterday, I'm talking to Erin again on the phone. I am tipping back my chair with the wheels on it. We all know what happens next. Crash! Down I go and this time bang the BACK of my head on the heat radiator. Another subdural (sp?) hematoma! Today I am dizzy again! Oh vey. It's Erin, I know it. Must avoid talking on phone to Erin. Just kidding, T! Erin used to be quite the figure skater in her day. Professional and everything. I don't need to say then how excited she is about this. She'll be the first in line to go see Blades of Glory. I might go with her. I love Will Ferrell.
He is hi-lar-i-ous. So is Napolean Dynamite guy, Jon Heder. I hear he's a mormon? Not that there's anything wrong with that, look at Donny and Marie. Erin also assures me that same sex pairs can skate together even though Richard Burnett says otherwise. Who is right? Thanks to (Source) for pictures.
Why couldn't there theoretically be a two-man pairs team anyway? Or two-woman? Why is it necessary to have these limits. Why do we need definitions of anything if the definitions merely or mostly provide a limit. What is the definition of a male figure skater? Does he necessarily have to be gay (not that there's anything wrong with it.) But that is the stereotype, that a male figure skater is gay. What about the definition of a female figure skater? Is this also some definition of female identity?
And is the only valuable goal of our existence the construction of one's own identity? Is this a uniquely Western idea? That our number one responsibility on this planet is to be happy, or to make ourselves happy? I am also highly intrigued by media constructions. Let's look at a picture of our favourite media whore:
Ick. I suppose I should congratulate her. She's taken Madonna's message to the nth extreme. She is a complete construct, isn't she? And she has fans! For what I ask. Is this a good role model for young women out there? As far as issues of race, gender, class, freedom, power and identity, what does this image/person/construct/character tell us? Recently, I was talking with someone whose best friend's father had just died. Obviously I cannot name names and you will see why. Anyway, this man's whole life was also a media construct. His obituary and all the glowing platitudes written about had no rapport to reality. He was a child molester, yet that never appeared anywhere in any of the adulations. He was taken to court by his own daughter! And yet, some pretty heavy duty big wigs came to give eulogies. *shakes head* I don't get it. Is it me?
Britney Spears also is a good example of what I am talking about. Is she a good role model? She was successful, yes. Is she talented? Good question. She's checkin' out today too. Lordy. Where are the Roberta Bondars? Gro Harlem Brundtlands? Instead, we get Lindsay Lohan. Well, if adequite is all we demand, adequite is all we will get, n'est-ce pas?
Okay, I'm getting meself all worked up now. Must take dog out for walk. Be back later.
To Zeke, at Zeke's Gallery here in Montreal. Thanks a lot for the email. It was my pleasure to write about Naledi and your gallery. I encourage EVERYONE to stop by and support not only Miz Jackson, but this great "fiercely independent" art gallery. We all need support!


Bitch, please

Are they f*ckin kidding me?

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Go see this great artist

I met Naledi Jackson through an ex boyfriend. They were roommates and I just dug her upon our first meeting. I still love to see her and her work, and even though alas the ex did not last, she has. She's extremely progressive, highly talented, and super socially conscious. As well as quite hot. The perfect woman, one might say. Anyway, she is a fantastic artist and is having a show at Zeke's Gallery. Unfortunately, I couldn't make the opening but will be passing by. You should too. Support a young painter.

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Do you have pets?

I love my dog Chewy and my cat Milo. They are both fantastic and crazy and lovable and loving and they bring so much joy and love into my life. The little pit bull in the pictures is Sawyer who I fostered until he got a great home. I think I would do just about anything to ensure their well being. This this news is disturbing. Cats and dogs have died in both America and Canada because of tainted food and now there is a massive recall of canned food. Oh la la. If you have pets and are concerned, put your mind at ease and do a little investigatin.

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Play with me

Let the games begin. Good luck.

"Just askin"

Page Six really wants to know. One of them sounds like a real mother of the year Melanie Griffith i have no idea. Any guesses?

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I'm in lurve with a serial killer

My friend Erin and I have a lot in common. First of all, we are both lucky enough to teach at Vanier College which has GREAT students. We also like to sit around and intellectualise pop culture. One of our latest obsessions is Dexter, on Showtime. Dexter is about a serial killer. Yeah, I know.. Whatta catch. But not only is he a serial killer, he also works for the Miami Police Department. How's that for a twist? And he doesn't just randomly kill -- he kills with a purpose. To clarify, he only kills those who deserve killin', like fellow serial killers, naughty nurses etc. So many villains from which to choose!

   We both use television as a teaching tool and in fact, Erin teaches a Televison as Literature course, which is, as one could imagine, very popular. I have shown, in the past, episodes of such shows as Six Feet Under, CSI  and Millennium to name a few. Right now I am trying to work out how to show an episode of Dexter (and Prison Break Season 1) in my gothic literature class, Ravens and Shadows.
   Each excellent show spotlights different ideas I would like to explore with my students. For example, we talk about the contemporary fears, such as the fear of serial killers. Dexter Morgan is a (hot) serial killer. We also talk about wolves in sheep’s clothing, monstrous sexuality as well as disconnection, and especially disconnection in urban areas, in my class. I like it. I hope my wonderful students do too.
   Prison Break is so authentically gothic in its excessiveness as well as unbelievable incredible plot narrative. It just has so many things I would enjoy discussing in my class, the biggest being the actual prison metaphor. The castle of the 18th century is replaced by the prisons of today. But the show is not just about its setting; it demonstrates in a very sensitive and subtle way just how much the past not only forms us but continues to haunt us everyday.
   Both of these shows also examine whether monsters are born or made and are the lead characters of Dexter Morgan and Michael Scofield (Michael C. Hall and Wentworth Miller) bad men doing good things or good men forced to do bad. Intriguing.
   I probably will end up writing about both these shows a lot, in a huge egghead nerd way.

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I wish everyday on the metro was like this

Just a regular ride.

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I'm gonna say ...

Jack Nicholson? Just a guess, don't sue me!

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More Proof the end is near

Wild Hogs is still cleaning up at the box office. Go see it. Be afraid.

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Mean girls

How cruel is this? Professional anorexic Nicole Ritchie and professional bimbo Paris Hilton are starting Simple Life 4 or 5, whatever, there are too many. Anyway, apparently they will be counselling girls at a fat camp? Is this what passes for entertainment now? Two overprivileged coke-hoovering stuff-flashing heirheads mocking the dirty unwashed among us? Who's the Shakespeare that came up with this idea? All the suffering in the world and Hollywood gives us this? Oh, the humanity. The apocalypse is coming.

Do you wanna play?

Then click here and start the game.


Jeff Buckley - Lover you should've come over - Live

*sigh* what a great waste of talent. RIP beautiful.


Jeff, whyd'ja do it?



My groovy colleague and friend Kim sent me this article about tatts. Hmmmm. I gotta get mine proofread asafp!

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What ever happened to Girl Power?

Was it really that long ago that the Spice Girls sang about cutey pie female empowerment? The message was highly appreciated if not the spirit in which it was delivered. But, WTF? Is this the same former Spice girl now caressing body while flirtily singing "I want candy?" Um, paging Dr. Freud. It doesn't take a genius to analyse this video. Oh, and just to be snarky for a minute, who is the lame ass choreographer that put this piece of shit routine together? The drunk guy panhandling in front of the SAQ? *sigh* where are all the groovy role models?

Nine Inch Nails - Survivalism

Oh man, this guy is both smart and sexy. An irrestible combo ...yummy yum yum.

Yo, dreadlocked white boy, I'm talking to you!

I love this site. It makes me laugh all the time. But I often wonder if there is a similar bizarro site somewhere in Asia that mocks westerners that get asian characters tattooed on them cough Angelina Jolie cough any art student cough. What would it be called? People think they are getting graceful and elegant sayings or themes like 'peace' or 'serenity' or 'wisdom' permanently marked on their bodies, but the truth is some comedian Chinese tattoo artist, sick of all the pseudo spiritual seekers appropriating their cultural icons instead fools them by tattooing something like 'greedy western capitalist pig' or 'eat more McDonalds, round eyes' onto various trendy places. I'd love to see this. All that being said, I confess I have tatts; perhaps one may have some sort of asian connection.


For Daryl

Happy Saint Patty's

Not that there's anything wrong with it

Oh, COME ON! Join us in the year 2007, wouldja please? Can you believe this crap? But if they had said because he was cheesy, well then, I would have to concur.

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Shouldn't it be called Bloody Mary?

Or American Pie-faced? Hahahaaha.

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This could be alarming


But in a cool kinda hollywood horror blockbuster way. Not. Is this from all the damage we've done to the environment? Some sort of punishment from God? A new species just waiting to take us over? Guess we'll find out soon enough *cue scary music*

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The Perfect Man

He just gets more and more attractive, ladies...



The parent that I just gently mocked glowing wrote about in the previous post are actual COOL people. Not just pretend groovy parents/peeps. The daddy is music critic Simon Reynolds and his baby momma is Village Voice culture editor Joy Press. So there. They should have as many children as possible. Heck, they should repopulate all urban areas so that there are only hipsters; this could happen in one generation. Think of it, sneers at your playlist, your lunch choices, your week night activities, your choice of coffee.  Can't wait.

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Not exactly Ward and June

Argh ... you can tell these people are really self-satisfied ... or maybe I'm just being a bee-yatch? Actually they are probably really nice people who do NOT listen to 80s music "ironically" with their hipper than thou haircuts and their ahead of everyone else taste in music. They are probably really nice. Did I mention sneakers? Damn, forgot sarcastic comment about sneakers.

Kinda fun

I saw this on Craig's List today. Kinda intriguing.

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Thanks Joe

I always appreciate the edification. Your blog is wicked!

Not sweetenin' the pot

This photo doesn't make me want to see the movie any more either. Ugh.Not

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I was worried for a while there --

How cool is this guy? Well, my blog is called literary hipster nerd ... I guess this post covers the nerd part. When I was in university, one of my profs, Alexandra Bennett (I wonder what ever happened to her?) really opened up the world of Shakespeare to me. When I was in high school, I was like, Shakespeare, whatever. Who doth spake like this anyway? But if one gets a really good teacher who can unlock the genius that is the Bard, well, it's life changing. I have joined the club that agrees that he was/is a genius. Among other things, he was the forerunner of modern psychology. He just got it. And he was able to break it down for the peeps of his day. He was a giant among artists and it is a shame that the younger generations (easy grandma) are not taught to appreciate him.
Nick Craine, I was told as I listened to the CBC this morning, is creating a comic book/graphic novel on Shakespeare. Oooh, I am squeeling .... I can't wait to see this. But, the reason for the a while there -- was because this movie was #1! WTF?! Is this some sick joke? Who is going to watch this excrement? Would someone please tell me? 'cause I don't get it.


I am not a good flyer. On the outside, I look serene. The 18 glasses of red wine I drink during the flight helps a lot. But on the inside, I am jumping up and down, wringing my hands and screaming at the slightest bit of turbulence. Before 9/11, the pilots used to let me visit them in the cockpit (I cannot say this word without giggling like a 6-year old) but thanks a lot, Osama bin Laden, you gave me another reason to hate you. Now, I am not allowed anywhere near the door, so must sit in my seat like a good girl while horrifying images of well ... I won't say .... but you know where I'm going with this. One memorable trip, these Spanish pilots from Ib... er ... some national airline which I won't name let me sit with them during the landing. That was so cool! I swear they were drinking wine. Red, like me. But I digress. If that were me in that plane, wow. I don't know what I would have done.
On another flight once, from Lisbon to Madrid (different pilots) we had to turn back and make an emergency landing. It sounds more scary than it was ... there was a minor electrical problem which did not require any firetrucks or anything upon landing. They fixed it and we were back up. The pilot (again before 9/11) who was really really hot also reassured me it was no big deal. He gave me his pen. I still have it. Did I mention he was hot?

Thank God/Goddess You're Okay Trent!

I love this guy. He's witty, pithy but kind. A real gentleman. Not only that, but he actually responds to people (fans) who email him. Like me. He had some trouble in a plane yesterday. I am glad he made it home safely, indeed that the whole plane did. Kudos to that pilot.

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Chewy Needs Help!

My dog Chewy was found wandering around Jarry Park in July 2006. If you live in Quebeckistan, then you know that July 1 is the official moving day of the province. For those who don't live in Quebec, that means that everyone moves on the same day of the year. Who is the Shakespeare that came up with that plan? Chaos reigns, road rage abounds ... it's a scene, man as Seinfeld would say. Anyway, abandoned dogs and cats are everywhere in July. Sad, I know. I foster dogs for this organisation. Sophie, the head angel brought me a sad orange wookie one evening who just collapsed on my floor, crying. I think my heart almost broke and shortly thereafter, Chewy (yes, it is Chewbacca) became my new loyal companion.
I still foster dogs and every now and again I get a pit bull. I used to be deathly afraid of pit bulls and resentful of anyone walking a pit bull near me and my dogs. But now, after fostering a few, I love them. I am converted. They are the sweetest things with humans. Not so much with other dogs. Not to say they aren't good dogs, they just need to be socialised. They are a lot of dog. One must really be in control. Who's the boss? It has to be the owner.
The pit bull puppy in the picture was only 8 weeks old and made my 2-year old wookie dog his bitch. Impressive. I called him Sawyer and he got adopted by a lovely young man named George who promptly renamed him Diesel. Sawyer used to love it when I sang "Smooth Operator" to him. No really, he would immediately relax in my arms and go to sleep. So cute.

Cops are in great shape

This officer-of-thepeace has great difficulty catching his breath. He also has difficulty not giggling. I think he's high.

Um ...

Wow. Well, he WAS Tony Manero. This is not as bad as I thought it would be. The dewrag, however ... Anyways, who does he think he's fooling. You know he walked off that stage a huffin' and a puffin' muttering "Oh vey" and clutching his chest.

Sorry ladies, he's taken.

Ick. Ick. Ick. Btw, note the grammar.

Snow Day in Montreal!

I love winter! Skiing is the best. And also, all schools are closed today in Montreal. I shouldn't be so happy, being the teacher and all. But look how pretty it is. Well, I think it's pretty unlike my friend here who hates winter and loves California :).

What's next? Strippers in the delivery room?

Diddy is Daddy of the year, y'all. Too sad if it's true... Ugh.


This is hilarious.



And I still do. Except that while watching the beginning of this video, I said to myself, "Oh my God, stop dancing white man!" And he did! Do you think he read my mind? He is the epitome of a drunk dad at a wedding. Also, dintcha think it was kind of a cross between Axel Rose and Michael Stipe and someone else I just can't think of right now ....

Why's that Video there?

I am planning on showing this video to my students tomorrow morning. Yes, I know, there are a lot of f-words and what not. I am interested in reading about their various interpretations and analyses of this video, especially in light of the material we are looking at in this class. BTW, the class is called "Taking the Red Pill" and is an English for Science and Technology class. This means we get to talk about a lot of fun stuff like what is the meaning of life, is there a God, what is reality and so on. Well, I think it's fun at least. Oh, yeah. And we get to watch the Matrix. All 3 of 'em. I'll post some of their comments.

Rage Against the Machine- Killing in the Name (KKK Videomix)

Nine Inch Nails - Closer (Uncut)

And speaking of Trent Reznor

I am a big NIN fan. That being said, I have some ethical guilt complexes when I watch the video "Closer" aka "I wanna fuck you like an animal" (See above.) Can you guess what about? Yes, it's that little monkey. If you know me, then you know I am an ardent animal lover, member of PETA, bla bla, shun fur and leather ad nauseum. I love the video, love the artist, but that little monkey looks so tortured. It makes me think of animal testing, which gets my mind whirling and then I can not sleep and stay up all night crying thinking about all the cruelty in the world. Whew. Glad I got that off my chest.
I still think he is one sexy mo-fo, though. And I know he did a video for Peta about the fur industry so that does assuage my guilt a little. Just a bit.