Bitch, S'il vous plait!

 Some after election fallout. Oh my God.

Patrick Bourgeois and Pierre-Luc Begin, in Le Quebecois, an online hardline sovereignist newspaper:

The two writers say the PQ hasn't done a good job promoting sovereignty and must work to "create (not wait for)" winning referendum conditions.

The PQ should sell the idea of creating a French-language country with a Quebec identity and a "republican" immigration model.

"By excluding identity arguments, we're leaving room for foolish nationalists who today find themselves in the Action democratique du Quebec - idiots incapable of even explaining their autonomy concept but who nevertheless scored points by jumping feet first into the reasonable accommodation issue ...

"Whether we accept it or not, immigration is a threat that weighs heavily on the future of the French fact in Quebec ... By allowing itself to be overly influenced by ideas currently in fashion on the Plateau Mont-Royal, the PQ has allowed itself to be marginalized on this issue."

The only way to ensure immigrants integrate is to make Quebec a country and ensure that immigrants reconnect with the French reality, they argue.

To read the rest of this thoughful, well-balanced and fair-minded piece, click here. Personally, I think we should all blame those Portuguese for every single problem Quebec has ever had or will have, eh Mateus?

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Mateus said...

blame the portuguese? definatly! we've been taking the blame for 50 years now! might as well make it official!
now while your wondering, hes gone crazy, no the calculus hasnt gotten to me to that point...HOWEVER if the african-americans can ask for indimnation...or simply payback...then you can bet your fostered dogs we will too!!!