Chewy Needs Help!

My dog Chewy was found wandering around Jarry Park in July 2006. If you live in Quebeckistan, then you know that July 1 is the official moving day of the province. For those who don't live in Quebec, that means that everyone moves on the same day of the year. Who is the Shakespeare that came up with that plan? Chaos reigns, road rage abounds ... it's a scene, man as Seinfeld would say. Anyway, abandoned dogs and cats are everywhere in July. Sad, I know. I foster dogs for this organisation. Sophie, the head angel brought me a sad orange wookie one evening who just collapsed on my floor, crying. I think my heart almost broke and shortly thereafter, Chewy (yes, it is Chewbacca) became my new loyal companion.
I still foster dogs and every now and again I get a pit bull. I used to be deathly afraid of pit bulls and resentful of anyone walking a pit bull near me and my dogs. But now, after fostering a few, I love them. I am converted. They are the sweetest things with humans. Not so much with other dogs. Not to say they aren't good dogs, they just need to be socialised. They are a lot of dog. One must really be in control. Who's the boss? It has to be the owner.
The pit bull puppy in the picture was only 8 weeks old and made my 2-year old wookie dog his bitch. Impressive. I called him Sawyer and he got adopted by a lovely young man named George who promptly renamed him Diesel. Sawyer used to love it when I sang "Smooth Operator" to him. No really, he would immediately relax in my arms and go to sleep. So cute.

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