Happy Spring!

To celebrate the first day of spring, go get yerself some free coffee. Oh wait, does that apply to us hosers too, eh? It is a balmy -9C here in Montreal but with the wind chill, feels more like -79. Chewy lurves it. I'm not complainin' though, no way. We barely had a winter here. We had a green Christmas, for pete's sake. Ick! This is Montreal! Yes, I admit it did get cold in January, but it was great for the skiing. My student Adam Forlini from my Ravens and Shadows class yelled out one morning, "It's not global warming, Miss, it's global freezing!" Haha, good one.
Yesterday, my friend (and colleague) Meg S. and I went skiing again on the mountain. One of the many great things about living in this fabulous city is that you can be in the middle of downtown Montreal and not even realise it. You'd think you were up north. I luvs it. Works in the summer too. Don't have a cottage? No prob. Just take your little deck chair, a book, a cooler and sit in the woods. You'll hear nary a car. Just watch out for random masturbators, though. They won't hurtcha, but, gross, who the hell needs that?
Did I mention that when I called Meg, she was vaccuuming in her little french maid's outfit? That Andy is one lucky man. This is us yesterday enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery:

I got a new phone last months, thanks to Fido. Not only can I listen to great music on this phone, either online or my own, but I can also take pix. How great is that? Meg is the hottie in the non-shades. It was a lot of fun. Thanks Meg! I down again tomorrow if you are!?
I think my friend Erin is dangerous for my health. On Friday evening, she called me. As we were chatting away, my sock got snagged on my coffee table and I fell face first into this little column in my living room. I coulda lost an eye! I was left with a huge scratch between my eyebrows, a bruised eye, two extremely sore little toes and a muthafucka of a bruise on my right knee. Yes, very graceful. I was also dizzy for 2 days. Of course, the first words out of my mouth were "Erin, I just gave myself a sub-dural hematoma!" Too much CSI. I know. So anyway, fast forward to yesterday, I'm talking to Erin again on the phone. I am tipping back my chair with the wheels on it. We all know what happens next. Crash! Down I go and this time bang the BACK of my head on the heat radiator. Another subdural (sp?) hematoma! Today I am dizzy again! Oh vey. It's Erin, I know it. Must avoid talking on phone to Erin. Just kidding, T! Erin used to be quite the figure skater in her day. Professional and everything. I don't need to say then how excited she is about this. She'll be the first in line to go see Blades of Glory. I might go with her. I love Will Ferrell.
He is hi-lar-i-ous. So is Napolean Dynamite guy, Jon Heder. I hear he's a mormon? Not that there's anything wrong with that, look at Donny and Marie. Erin also assures me that same sex pairs can skate together even though Richard Burnett says otherwise. Who is right? Thanks to (Source) for pictures.
Why couldn't there theoretically be a two-man pairs team anyway? Or two-woman? Why is it necessary to have these limits. Why do we need definitions of anything if the definitions merely or mostly provide a limit. What is the definition of a male figure skater? Does he necessarily have to be gay (not that there's anything wrong with it.) But that is the stereotype, that a male figure skater is gay. What about the definition of a female figure skater? Is this also some definition of female identity?
And is the only valuable goal of our existence the construction of one's own identity? Is this a uniquely Western idea? That our number one responsibility on this planet is to be happy, or to make ourselves happy? I am also highly intrigued by media constructions. Let's look at a picture of our favourite media whore:
Ick. I suppose I should congratulate her. She's taken Madonna's message to the nth extreme. She is a complete construct, isn't she? And she has fans! For what I ask. Is this a good role model for young women out there? As far as issues of race, gender, class, freedom, power and identity, what does this image/person/construct/character tell us? Recently, I was talking with someone whose best friend's father had just died. Obviously I cannot name names and you will see why. Anyway, this man's whole life was also a media construct. His obituary and all the glowing platitudes written about had no rapport to reality. He was a child molester, yet that never appeared anywhere in any of the adulations. He was taken to court by his own daughter! And yet, some pretty heavy duty big wigs came to give eulogies. *shakes head* I don't get it. Is it me?
Britney Spears also is a good example of what I am talking about. Is she a good role model? She was successful, yes. Is she talented? Good question. She's checkin' out today too. Lordy. Where are the Roberta Bondars? Gro Harlem Brundtlands? Instead, we get Lindsay Lohan. Well, if adequite is all we demand, adequite is all we will get, n'est-ce pas?
Okay, I'm getting meself all worked up now. Must take dog out for walk. Be back later.
To Zeke, at Zeke's Gallery here in Montreal. Thanks a lot for the email. It was my pleasure to write about Naledi and your gallery. I encourage EVERYONE to stop by and support not only Miz Jackson, but this great "fiercely independent" art gallery. We all need support!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Miss Reiser it's Adam cool blog looks great and i have to admit, by reading your comments on recent events i was laughing especially at the videos. Keep up the super excellent work.

Ps Blades of glory looks hilarious but i'm wondering if it's gonna beat Talladega Nights.

Shake and Bake,