What ever happened to Girl Power?

Was it really that long ago that the Spice Girls sang about cutey pie female empowerment? The message was highly appreciated if not the spirit in which it was delivered. But, WTF? Is this the same former Spice girl now caressing body while flirtily singing "I want candy?" Um, paging Dr. Freud. It doesn't take a genius to analyse this video. Oh, and just to be snarky for a minute, who is the lame ass choreographer that put this piece of shit routine together? The drunk guy panhandling in front of the SAQ? *sigh* where are all the groovy role models?


Narcissus said...

That is Melanie C A.K.A Sporty Spice or in this case Lady Sovereign's doppleganger from hell! XD

Mateus said...

"we care about nature and human values!!!"
*fast forward 5 years*
"ooooo i got meself a benz!!! a benz daddy!"