Why do all prisoners find God?

Our second contender for father of the year, Mr. Lindsay Lohan's father, claims he found the Lord while locked up for drunk driving, I believe. Why does this always happen, some loser/thug embraces religion and is saved. Yeah. I believe it. Just like John Abruzzi, a character in the show Prison Break, who was a vicious mob boss.Upon his return to prison general population after an asssassination attempt by another character, the charmingly named T-Bag, he became extremely religious, after having seen what he perceived as the image of the face of Jesus in a water stain on his cell wall. No, that's reasonable. Once I saw Jimi Hendrix in a pile of mashed potatoes at Easter time. It can happen. Although his religious faith was surely not fake, according to Wikipedia: "his overly friendly demeanor was. Abruzzi was in fact every bit as ruthless as before, going as far as to set up the kidnapping of Veronica Donovan as a means of forcing Fibonacci's location out of Michael. Michael never came to learn of this, since Veronica escaped from Abruzzi's clutches. Nevertheless, Abruzzi continued to act benign while still inside the prison walls." So, there, people can not be hypocritical liars when they are religious. Of course not.

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emnaa said...

I believe it is because they have way too much time on their hands and liek the saying: you nver know what you got 'till it's gone. They only realize how fucked up they are afterwards and start to ask for forgiveness I suppose.