And the Award for completely missing the point ...

... goes to Mr. Charity Snoop Dogg. Get a load of this rich f*ck and how he gives back to the world. I reaad in the New York Post that Generosity-pants refused to perform at a CHARITY CONCERT until he got an XBox and lots of weed in his dressing room. Hey, jerk, it's for CHARITY. Do you know what CHARITY means? Or are you so high and illiterate and cheap you think CHARITY is a porn actress? Why did you even agree to do it in the first place? Snoop and his 10-person entourage were flown first class, btw, to this CHARITY event. To read more about this shameful event, click here.

At this same CHARITY event, those intellectual feminist giants, The Pussycat Dolls, also performed for free for $300,000. They were so grateful for the chance to do some good in the world, besides singing such anthems as "Dontcha (wish ya girlfriend was hot like me?)" that they thanked Unicef for organisisng the benefit. Except instead of saying Unicef, they said UNICEL. For real. Hahahaaha. What a bunch of geniuses idiots! Overpaid idiots!

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Anonymous said...

Fuck that man. The stupid bitches will probably play the same 3 overused trendy mainstream stupid written songs, if you can call it that. Funny thing is that they cannot spare an hour without getting paid. You cannot trust what these organizations actually do with the money, and thats sad. They could have easily took that $300 000 and maybe asked other not as mainstream celebs to preform. I mean fuck

Mateus said...

yea that wasnt me above
>.> <.<
its early monday morning...so all ill say is: someone find tupac...fast!
oh and i think this is deserving of a...BEE-OTCH PUH-LEAZE YO!

Jad said...

haha. I like this one. especially the UNICEL part .
And Snoop dog with his Xbox, that is just SAD.
Seriously i can't imagine a person doing this, and with all the money he has just GO BUY An XBOX.
It is sad that our generation is affected by people like these, and we look at them as role models and try to be like them.
People, my advice: Listen to more rock/metal if not classic music. :D
(note this is not a biased opinion hehe)

SC said...

What the...?

Unicel... gotta admit, it's quite catchy