Could Saddam still be with us?

From the Daily News today:

Saddam Hussein is "alive and well" - or so says an agent selling what he purports is "forensic evidence" that the Iraqi dictator's execution was faked. Phoenix-based David Hans Schmidt tells us he's been hired by an unnamed "foreign head of state," whose intelligence service believes Saddam "is living in a foreign country under an assumed name."

Who the hell knows? I could see it happening. What is truth anyway? Can we reliably rely on our governments and the media to tell us this truth. Oh, and as an aside, I didn't even know that Nimrod was an actual name. That's it, you know someone's gonna name their kid "dorkface."

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Mateus said...

ofcourse he's alive!
along side fidel castro smoking a cuban and laughing at blakc jokes with tupac.
gotta love conspiracy theories!

Patra said...

They're in Portugal.

Mateus said...

well i forgot to add "on the sandy beaches of cuba" but portugal is nice too, and we'll accept them lol
hell the people still think salazar(our ex communist leader...) is still the greatest portuguese man of all time...
they'd fit right in!