Haunted Slumber Party


Vanier College, where I happily teach English Literature to wonderful (well except for Sebastian and that Portuguese kid) students is supposedly haunted. The stories differ but some say it is a male ghost that prowls the halls and others claim it is a nun. Vanier used to be a nunnery way way back and then a private convent school and I even heard various buildings were used as morgues. I teach a Gothic literature course called Ravens and Shadow. Tonight is our second Haunted Slumber Party. Myself, another teacher named Nancy L who teaches anthropology, and about 50 teenages and young adults will be sleeping over on the 5th floor where the nun supposedly roams. Did mention we are surrounded by 3 cemetaries? We're also going for a midnight cemetary walk. I really hope I see a ghost.

Wish me luck! Hope I am here tomorrow to blog about it. BWA HA HA.

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Maggie said...

I love that we're surrounded by cemeteries - not to mention the nun's hospital. I like to think it instills a sense of hope for the future in our students ;)

Ash said...

I demand pictures/videos/updates.

Anonymous said...

coolest party I DIDN't SEE ANY GHOST MAYBe we get too see 1 during this life time

Anonymous said...

About 5 years ago, when I was at vanier, I remember holding a door open for a nun who was entering the building. She smiled at me as she walked towards me, and I smiled back. Problem is, once she walked in, she disappeared right before my eyes! She just vanished!

P Rei said...

Hey! thanks for reading!