Oh Bitch Please

Stop whining. The Daily News reports today that: "Kevin Costner's company Kevin's Music LLC (KML) is suing media company Mahee Worldwide Ventures Inc. and its president, Richard V. Mahee, for close to $4 million in damages, contending the firm did not fulfill a promise to promote "Mr. Costner's music activities." Costner fronts an unnamed six-member pop/ rock band and had entrusted Mahee to market the group, reads the suit, filed Tuesday, in the same way it claimed to have "successfully promoted other celebrities - such as Lindsay Lohan." KML accuses the defendants of wanting to "use Mr. Costner's good name in connection with [their] pitch of their business to others."
   Can you imagine what kind of genius pathetic old-fart rock this guy's band must play? Ew, I'm getting fever shivers just thinking about it. Is this his mid life crisis, trying to be a rock god? I've always thought he was creepy and was never a fan of his middle-of-the-road acting. I know that he appeals to that middle-aged single/lonely lady demographic, but I think he's kinda gross, especially since he's been outed as a big PERV. A few years ago, I was on a second or third date with some ex-boyfriend and we decided to rent a movie. I saw him eyeing "Waterworld" and I said "I really don't care what we rent as long as there's no Kevin Costner." He turned to look at me and said oh so casually with a graceful shrug of his shoulders. "Oh, he's hideous." He said it so naturally that I cracked up laughing and the whole store turned to look at me because I have a loud cackle. But I didn't care 'cause it was so funny. Anyway, Kevin Costner is part of the same problem: the dumbing down of us.

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kim said...

Your celebrity "observations" sometimes remind me of Go Fug Yourself...

a site I enjoy greatly, and think you might too (if you're not already).