Part II

Some of the comments on YouTube ranged from "He looks like a monkey" to "he's such a joke." Let's ask ourselves however, shall we, what exactly was so riotous about William Hung? Was it his accent, his small stature, his slighly Down's Syndrom-ish face? Does he not seem like every caricature of an Asian presented in pop culture? And the fact that he had no idea he was every frat boy and popular girl's target of ridicule made him even more pathetic.

   I am left wondering why there is such a backlash against this 17-year old kid named Sanjaya. Much like Chris Rock said there was no way corporate America would have an Apprentice named 'Kwame" I am beginning to believe the ugly idea that this overly critical -- let's call it what it is, a massacre of this kid -- is really about one thing. And it's not his talent. Or lack thereof. If corporation American Idol and the corporate pop music business was in fact about talent, then someone explain to me the mysterious popularity of Jello Jennifer Lopez. Ashlee Simpson. Hell, Mick Jagger can't sing either and he's Mick Jagger. I think he's got a bit of a Michael Jackson quality (good Michael, not bad Michael.)


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