People just ain't no good

Kijiji: Notre belle Rose! Amour recherché! Kijiji: Notre belle Rose! Amour recherché!I spent the weekend hating people. I know that sounds harsh. There are people I actually love and I do love my students too. But people, and let me quote Jerry Seinfeld, "they're the worst." Anyone who knows me knows of my ferocious love of animals and my animal rights activism. I believe in giving a voice to the voiceless, and living as spiritual and non-cruel a life as possible. We do what we can. I am not a preacher. And I am no prude as my friends can attest. I may hate people but I love our animal friends. So, I foster dogs. Mostly abused and abandoned dogs. I do it for selfish reasons. I love dogs and it gives me pleasure. I am also really fortunate in that Chewy my dog (also a rescue) and Milo my cat (a spoiled creature) are very very good with the urchins we take in.

Case in Point: Rose above. Now, I don't know who the SICK FUCK is that had her before me, but all I can ask myself is how do you sleep at night? (And yeah, that's right, I said sick fuck.) It is a little hard to see from the pictures but Rose has been very very badly maltreated. I thought Chewy was the saddest dog I had met until this darling entered my home on Friday night. Wow, talk about skittish and afraid of everything. Chewy and I and Milo are pretty used to playing rough with each other but this girl was terrified by the slightest noise. Needless to say, I've spent the last couple of days tiptoeing around the house so as not to startle her. She really is a sweetheart and is very love-starved. She is now just beginning to trust that I won't beat the sh*t out of her and only want to hug her. She seems amazed that Chewy crawls into bed with me without consequences and repercussions.

Anyway, if there is someone out there who thinks they might want a new best friend like Rose, click here www.sophiesdogadoption.com and go to her adoptable pets link or email me. You won't be sorry. She'll make you so happy. And btw. I've been calling her Angel. 'Cause she is one.  You'd have to be to still like us humans after the HELL that has been her life for the last 3 years. Thank you.

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Sophie said...

awww that poor dog. she reminds me of my brother's dog Paris. they both look at the same height. my brother's dog is afraid of broom and long stick-alike stuffs so the owner must had hit her a lot.. it's sad since Paris always goes to me and cuddles around me to get attention. hehe.

Mateus said...

damn...wish i could patra...but pets are a nono around here...the joys and pains of living in an old school euro home hehe
hope you find her someone good, and good luck to you angel!

nick r said...

She looks like the sweetest thing, I'll ask around to see if anyone wants a dog for sure :D, poor little thing..she looks so sad in those pictures.

Brenton said...

Aww, that's so sad. That poor dog..It's people that that, that need to be killed for harming animals. Hey Patra, on the weekend I was with my friends and there was this pidgeon that was injured and I felt horrible because I had 2 canaries and they died and I wanted to help it but I couldn't... :(