Post Easter Blues

I don't know what it is today, but I am not feeling it. Maybe I got possessed by a hyper critical mean ghost over the weekend at the slumber party. Or maybe we're all just a little bit tired. Or maybe it's all those lambs that got slaughtered for Easter. But I got those post Easter/Passover Resurrection blues. I s'ppose it could be a lot worse. I could be this guy today:
I got you babe. NOT!

My students were not their usual bouncy, upbeat happy selves and maybe it rubbed off on me. I dunno. Maybe I am still really disappointed with the Season Finale of Prison Break. What the hell was that, anyway?

Hey, look! I am not the only one who doesn't hate him. Maybe I started a trend?
Thanks to www.perezhilton.com for the picture.

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kim said...

already did! great new place on hotel-de-ville, corner of roy. i'm loving it.

so come to the housewarming party! bring friend(s) if you want too. it'll be fun, and good to see outside of the drudgery that is...well, you know...

and a little bit of party always helps with the post-lamb-slaughter-blues.