I am so upset about this whole Virginia thing that I can barely even talk about it. But I will. I am a teacher at a college here in Montreal. The idea of one of my students or any of the students here picking up an AK-47 and firing into a classroom is anathema to me. I cannot imagine it happening. and yet, I start to. It is terrifying.
I will be writing about this. I am almost ashamed to post anything funny or sarcastic today lest I be labelled disrespectful or cold inside. I am not. But I also rely a lot on black humour and today is a good day for that.


Mateus said...

just remember IM the harsh one! hehe

The-RAN said...

Yea its a shock, i cannot see it happening at our school tho. But i mean we are comming to the point where these school shooting are becomming very frequent, that oneday maybe our school will get hit. Its fucked and scary