Oh. Bitch. Please.

Paris HiltonDo you think she even knows what 'deluded' means? She probably thinks it is some sort of new club drug, like "Duuuuuude, let's get some de-LUDED!." Anyways, she thinks she is going to jail 'cause she is so hot! Ha! What world is she living in? But no, I guess I can see it. Charles Manson I believe was falsely arrested of engineering all those murders because of his overpowering masculinity and sex appeal. Yeah, makes sense. The cops were jealous. And don't even get me started on Ted Bundy.

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Mateus said...

honestly, can she get the death penalty?...please?

Ahmed Mustoofa said...

she thinks she is HOT for prison??well i know this for a fact she is HOT for the prisoners inside the jail unless she gets the princess treatment!