Oh. Bitch. Please

I know I've been doing a few too many "bitch please"s lately but come on! Have you heard the latest one? This is just so ridiculous that I am gonna lose it. By the way, check the spelling on her plea for help. Pathetic. On her MySpace page this morning, she says her friend Joshua Capone started a petition, and asks that her fans "help and sihn [sic] it," adding, "I LOVE YOU ALL!!!" The petition takes the somewhat puzzling tack of pointing out that she's an heiress to the Hilton fortune, and that Paris "provides hope for young people all over the U.S. and the world." Source. This idiot cannot spell the word "sign." It's not a big word like democracy, or responsibility or something serious like that. Hell, even censorship. We're talking a 4-letter word that in Scrabble wouldn't be worth sh*t! And she claims that she provides hope for young people all over the world. If this wasn't so sad and terrifying at the same time, I would be laughing hysterically right now. I mean, rolling on the ground clutching my crotch laughing. But this is too flippin' MUCH!

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nick r said...

hehehe I saw that on Access Hollywood, I know lol and I really did almost fall off my chair. I read through the letter and seriously felt like jumping through the virtual world of the Internet, finding Paris Hilton and slapping her. Who does she think she is is GOD or somethng, saying how "she brings joy to people's mundane lives (these people are probably the perverts who watch her sex tape)" I mean come on I hope the Governator body slams her or something when he hears about this because it's ridiulous...I always believed "you do the crime...you do the time" so sorry Paris dear...but I think your it's your time to pay up :D.