This has Success written all over it!

<B>2nd SHOT?</B> Amy Fisher and Joey Buttafuoco go for a rainy stroll last night, 15 years after their notorious romance.Does anyone remember Amy Fisher and Joey Buttafuoco? She was called the Long Island Lolita, and he was called -- well, just ugly and repulsive I guess. Way back in 1992, when Amy was 16 years old, Joey and she had an affair. Joey was married at the time, well into his 30s and had some kids. Classy guy.  And ladies, whatta catch! Well, things took a turn for the worse when Amy shot Joey's then wife, Mary Jo, in the head. Yes, that's right, busted a cap in her. Amy claimed it was at Joey's suggestion. Joey denied everything and claimed that 16-year old Amy seduced HIM. Bitch, please. Well anyway, long and sordid story short, zoom ahead 15 years. Amy served 7 years in prison, Joey has been divorced twice and has himself been in prison for various offences. Well, move over Romeo and Juliet because the star-crossed lovers have actually reunited and are out wining and dining, dancing and romancing. Makes you thow up a little, doesn't it? Some cynics claim they are merely doing it to get a reality show deal going, and other more romantical types truly believe that love conquers all. Sigh. What a frickin' train wreck. The empire crumbles a little more today.

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