My latest Obsession

BBC's "Jekyll" with the deceptively sizzlin' James Nesbitt.  Oh, la la, my gothic lovers, you have simply got to see this show.

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Miss Teen USA 2007 is such an inspiration

Feminist role models, take note. What the flick is she even saying?? But, hey, flawless manicure!


Oh. Mi. Gott.

Finnish version of YMCA. Further proof that white men are the worse dancers EVER. Can't you just feel the energy?


Who Knew She Could Still Ovulate?


Well, peeps, suddenly a new candidate for mother of the year has emerged. It's official, she's with child.

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Poison Fan

Well, at least Dad still likes to rock out. (Source)

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Cool Mug Shot

Geez Mom ...(Source)

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