I USED to feel kinda bad ....

BritneySpears3B_furmess.jpg for her but .... OH BITCH PUHLEEZE ... is that FUR???!!!! It's on, Britney lipsyncher. And stay home and look after your babies for one night, wouldja. WTF is wrong with you?

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She was so wasted

My last comment about the VMAs.

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I have no comment

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No no NO!!!!

tomfordfragranceadsm.jpg What the hell is happening to us? What does this say? Oy, I am without speech. Consumerism, consumption, Hollywood"it" girls flashing the vajajays ... has it come to all this?

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Zarf?!! You're back!! Seriously though, this guy scares me. Someone get him a job on a soap. "Leave Britney alone! Please?!" He means it! He said she's not well right now. Um, SHE'S not well? Pot, the kettle's calling, pick up!

Uncannily Accurate

Check out this representation of the internet from 1969. Did you note how the woman is all about the shopping while the man (looking worried with his furrowed brow) is taking care of the bills? Yup, this is how my computer looks.

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Bitch, please!

My dog barked for 6 minutes last night and I got a huge fine. Who is the mayor of this place? Michael Vick?

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Gimme LESS

Oh, it hurts to watch.