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top-asg-008303.jpgNot only is she (argh) beautiful, but she is also some kind of witch medicine woman. Halle Berry says she’s worked her way from type 1 to type 2 diabetes. Wow. How did she do that? Do you think she can cure the rest of the world too? Or does it just work on her delusional self?

"Berry has said that she’s worked her way up from type 1 diabetes (insulin dependent) to type 2 (formerly known as non-insulin dependent). While lots of people with Type 2 do have to use insulin (which is why they don’t call it non-insulin dependent anymore), all people with type 1 have to use it. The diseases aren’t actually close friends that you can upgrade and downgrade between. People with type 1 have islet cells in their pancreases that are destroyed, and thus no longer produce insulin. People with type 2 do produce insulin, but either not enough, or their bodies are no longer sensitive to it. They’re obviously complex diseases, but there’s a nutshell. Berry’s claims have contributed to further confusion about diabetes. She has enraged the diabetic community by claiming that’s she’s worked her way up from type 1 to type 2 diabetes, and has weaned herself off insulin.

Pregnant HALLE BERRY has angered diabetes experts, after claiming she had succeeded in downgrading the severity of her disease with a healthy diet. The actress was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes early on in her Hollywood career, but recently (Oct07) alleged that she has reclassified herself as a Type 2 diabetic simply through good living. But medical experts are enraged with her claims and have accused her of “confusing” fellow diabetics with her comments. A diabetes specialist tells PerezHilton.com, “If you come off insulin, then you were always a Type 2. She is feeding into all the confusion in the world.” People diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes cannot reverse their condition because their pancreas is destroyed, whereas Type 2 sufferers still internally produce some insulin."

[From Contact Music]

I have always thought she was such a phony baloney. Every crying face of hers is exactly the same, whether she is winning the Oscar or some rinky-dink beauty contest. Clearly, she practices these "amazed and unexpected" outcomes. Oh, bitch please. I look forward to more people calling out her phony fake self.

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siobhan curious said...

Is it possible that she suffers from "diabulimia," the condition/practice where diabetics avoid taking insulin in order to keep their weight down? Salon has a very interesting article on it here: