future prezident of 'Merica?

What a lovely typical American family, right down to the choking dog. Holy love of crap.

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I can't go swimming ...

... for I have mental disorder. Just a question, why can't any business man enter bathing area?

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Best name ever

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Screw You!

Engrish.com just makes me laugh so hard!

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RIP Muthafucka!

Any Dexter fans? I'm gonna miss Doakes.

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This is a headline/letter I recently received in my mailboxat gmail. It made me think I had won some sort of beer banana at first, until I realised it was once again, a highly educated genius trying to scam me out of my millions. *sigh* what the hell list did I get on?

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!The Trauma!

Poor Britters

I think the poor girl is going to die. Where did it all go wrong for her? Was it her stellar choices in men? Her excellent parents? Her highly educated self? How did it all come to this? I am not a fan of her -ahem- talent but I do feel for her and her two poor little kids.

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