I hate Beyonce even more now

Beyonce appears to be trying to rival Paris Hilton in the bad pet owner department. This past summer, the singer left her dog, Munchie, at her record label’s office in New York. Presumably it was supposed to be for a short time, not for life. However two season later she has yet to pick up her pooch, and he’s still living there. Columbia’s employees have been forced to take him home on weekends, and he’s leaving puddles all over the office. Beyonce, however, cannot be bothered.

BeyoncĂ©’s dog – the lamely named ‘Munchie’ - has been unceremoniously dumped at her record label. Until recently, the Shih Tzu was living the red carpet life. Munchie (once named America’s Most Eligible Pet by a US magazine) was all about quaffing Cristal and Being Seen and stuff. These days, however, Munchie is reduced to camping out on the floor at New York’s Columbia Records building. A source in the press department said: “Munchie has effectively taken up residency. BeyoncĂ© left it here towards the end of last summer and hasn’t returned to pick it up.” Last summer. That’s got to hurt. Give a mutt a break.

“Everyone realises that Beyonce has been incredibly busy recently recording and promoting her Sasha Fierce album. But the whole team will be glad when she eventually takes charge of the dog for herself again.” Well it sounds like stress is taking its toll on the pooch. The source said: “Puddles of liquid are appearing all over the office.” The dog has also turned into something akin to a school tortoise. “Staff are taking turns to take Munchie for walks and take it home on the evenings and weekends.”

[From Musictoob via Digital Spy]

It's no secret (!) I love dogs. So as a responsible dog owner, I am wondering WTF is wrong with this idiot. Either she has dumped the dog for good and neglected to tell Columbia, or in the haze of her success shaking her ass, she as forgotten the dog. In any case, please someone with a heart, adopt poor little Munchie. Where the hairdressers at?

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