I had a terrible dream last night

I don't like having nightmares. I mean, who does really? But I have such bad insomnia that when I finally do get to sleep, I'd like it to be a pleasant ride. But this morning, I woke up with my old friend anxiety.
I know that as a Cegep teacher, I am considered by many others to be extremely fortunate to have the summer off. Except that teachers don't really get the summer off, even though it appears as such to others. In any case, our vacation is coming to a close and last night I dreamt that my new 101 Literature and Comp class turned into a bunch of children and started acting like kindergarden kids on a super sugar high. In the dream I started screaming and threatening them with beatings. Yup, old school. I confiscated a note one boy was writing and it was all about my poor wardrobe choices which, in my dream, caused me to burst into tears and march him to the Dean's office.
Except that I kept getting lost in the school. Elevators didn't work, hallways suddenly became super highways, and the wind was against my face, blowing me back.
Finally, my little foster dog Romeo woke me up to go for a pee-pee so I don't know how much dream ended.
Yup, can't wait to get back.

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