The reason I learned to play guitar

When I was really young, like teenage style, I remember watching these videos of a magical hurting creature, Sinead O"Connor. And I wanted to be her. The pain and all. She is the reason I wanted to learn how to play guitar: to watch her pounding, indeed hitting that instrument as she sang, was like watching a page from my adolescent diary animating itself in front of my eyes. Tonight, I was rewatching her and still marvelling at the angst she could bring out in people. I wanted so much to shave my head like her, but I felt too ugly. My head was not round and beautiful like hers. I can relate to what my friend Adriana talks about. My father found me beautiful. The rest of the world? I'm not sure.

Anycrap, watch this video. And remember your lost love with me.

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ad said...

I completely identify with this... obviously.

Lady - I may not know much about you - but I think you're pretty beautiful :)