This is how my ladies roll

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! I know I shouldn't laugh, but I like this chica's style. She didn't whine and cry about sexual harassment, she didn't get a lawyer. Nope, this tough gal decided to take - ahem - matters into her own hands and solve her own little pesky weiner waver. Check it: A Greek woman accused of setting fire to the genitals of a British tourist in Crete is due to appear in court.
The woman admitted assault after dousing the man's private parts in alcohol and igniting them, but says she did so after being sexually harassed.
Police on the Greek island say the tourist was drunk and had waved his genitals at several girls before allegedly groping the suspect.
The man suffered second degree burns and is recovering in a private clinic.
The 26-year-old suspect handed herself over to police, claiming she had acted in self defence.
She has won praise on Crete for what has been seen as defending her honour, the BBC's Malcolm Brabant said.

Ah. My peeps. The Greeks. They don't dick around. If the lady says, get your junk outa my face, malaka, then you do it. Otherwise, there are repercussions and consequences. HAHAHAHAHHA> Maybe I shouldn't laugh so loud. People (men) might read this and never approach me ever again. Even if they need a light for their cigarette.

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