Where are we going wrong?

Keats once said: "Nothing ever becomes real til your life has experienced it."

I really don't appreciate myself right now because I am about to write about those two pieces of excrement, Mr and Mrs Spencer Douchebag. I mean Pratt. I really don't want to give these two wastes of food any more press whatsoever but I am curious as to where we - as a society - have gone wrong. And we have gone wrong because we produced these two self-entitled uneducated idiots. Them and their celeb-retard ilk. I really do believe they are contributing to the downfall of us, as much as pollution. But there are a spiritual pollution, a pox on our souls. They are adding to the decline of western civilisation.


I read this somewhere recently and I agree wholeheartedly. There is an actual syndrome called Celebrity Worship Syndrome. In 2003, New Scientist magazine reported that one third of Americans were suffering from CWS. This proportion of the population continues to rise. Clinical psychologist James Houran who is also the joint creator of the Celebrity Worship Scale says low levels of celebrity adoration is actually good for you: "It's a form of social bonding, stress reduction, escapism and entertainment. At low levels people tend to be happier, more personable and more rationale."
Heck, even I admit to visiting Perez or Michael K from time to time.
But Houran also claims, at higher levels, celebrity worship has been linked with depression, anxiety, body image problems and addiction. Certainly, I get severely depressed when I see half-wits like this Spencer Pratt douchebag braying of how much money he makes.
It reminds me of some now faded "supermodel" who famously claimed she didn't get out of bed for less than X amount of dollars per day. Yeah, for sure this depresses me. All the suffering in the world and these 2 entitled asses actually brag about how rich they are and how they make such obscene amounts of money for simply showing up somewhere? This is sick and twisted, and somehow it has become our "American Dream." I wanna Brian Wilson myself when I read shite like this.
Look, I'm guilty of watching some "reality" shows. I've tuned into The Bachelor/ette, Big Brother and even Survivor. I am aware at the same time that these shows have writers and are scripted to some degree, edited and manipulated when they present reality to us.
What is dangerous about Heidi and Spencer in my is that they believe their own press. Little kids may start to look up to them and emulate them. We will have a whole society of what exactly? Not doctors, not scientists, not teachers or nurses or electricians or plumbers or bus drivers. What exactly will we have?

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