I'm a sucker for cute animal videos. Check out the adorable doll-eyes on the deer too. Too much animal love for a black heart. Every time I see a deer, I think of being a little kid and my dad going deer hunting with all the Greek uncles. I used to beg him not to go... not because I would miss him terribly, but because I didn't want him to kill the cute baby Bambies. They never listened to me, of course. Daughters never wield great authority.
They would all return a week or two later, with huge Sasquatch beards, reeking of fire-pit smoke and whiskey, smiling from ear to ear. So proud of themselves and their hunting skills, as the carcasses hung from the rooves of their trucks, eyes wide open, swollen tongues lolling.

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Michael said...

The hard part about making this video was probably salting the cat :-)

After that, the deer part would have been easy!