Smells like Fall

Night falls quickly and tis a cold wind that blows through Parc Lafontaine. Perfect condition for hunkering down with a blankie, a scary movie, a beloved and a plate full of deliciousity. I was in the mood for asparagus, or as I like to call them, asparaguys. (I don't know why.) It's been a long week at work -- cegep teachers are in the midst of end of semester chaos -- and I felt like some comfort food. Risotto with asparagus and mushrooms. Have I mentioned I am now vegan ... 99% of the time. At home, all the time. I cook me to mati, as the Greeks say; which means I rarely measure. I got a pot, and crushed some garlic, which I threw into said pan with olive oil and fresh greek oregano from my summer garden. Salt. Cook it a bit. Add the arborio rice. I wish I could find arborio rice in whole wheat. Stir stir stir. Add bright green asparaguys and shitake mushrooms while there is still water in the pot. Stir stir stir. Add pepper and a splash of tamari. Stir stir stir. Serve in pasta plate and enjoy with a glass of red wine. Salad on the side. "Insidious" on Netflix. Ahhhhh. Deep sigh of relief.

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