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Nelson Mandela would be proud

And in other news, look who is free. Check the picture of her reading. Hahahahahahahaha. Oh, bitch please.

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Age of Love

This self-labelled "social experiment" is making me sick. I admit I love watching shows like Survivor and The Amazing Race from a sociological perspective. I even had one of my classes watch the Survivor where they separated "the races." Oy vey. Anyways ... my sisters!!!! WTF?? How did you young gals get so damned fucking bitchy? A longer post will follow once my blood pressure gets back to normal.

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Expressions I hate today

"When all is said and done." Then stop talking and moving.

"At the end of the day." It's time for a drink.

"Jusqu'au bout." S'il vous plait. Ta gueule.

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It's my b-day today. 25th (again!) Note to self, don't plan get togethers on long weekends when everyone is gonna be OUTTA TOWN.

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Cin Çıkarma

Do you think this is for real?



Check out her handwriting!!! She is unemudacated....

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Happy fuckin Channukah

avrilxmasalbumstuff.jpgfrom WWW.BESTWEEKEVER.Tv

In a recent interview with Canada’s underground punk zine Jam! Showbiz, virtuostic indie rock rebel Avril Lavigne opens up about some of the next steps she’s planning to take in her enigmatic career, plans that include a possible Christmas album (how eeeeevil!) and her desire to get more seriously into movie acting. Like the Bowie of SkaterBoi-loving angst princesses, Lavigne continues to define her supreme originality with these kinds of unpredictable career choices. And now, through our shadowy network of Artistic Genius Management operatives, BWE.tv has obtained EXCLUSIVE notes from a recent brainstorming session held by Avril and her team of brilliance-enablers. These include possible tracks she might record for the aforementioned Christmas album, as well as some pitch ideas for movies worthy of an actress of her caliber.

“Merry F*cking Christmas, with Avril Lavigne”

“All I Want For Christmas Is My Legitimacy”
“Rudarkness, the Emo Reindeer”
“I’ll Be Home For Christmas, In My Room (So Leave Me The F*ck Alone DAD!)”
“Violent Night”
“I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa-Claus, Like The Lame Suburban Whore She Is”
“A-wasted In A Manger, I Puked On The Baby Jesus”
“Deck The Malls (With Boys At Hot Topic)”
“The Little Drummer Boy Is Hot, So I Gave Him A BJ”

After the jump, Movie Ideas That Would Be Perfect For Avril!

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Nope, not gay at all

Skidmarks and train tracks


She is so gross.

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Aw Lawd ...

Has the nice lady from here seen this?

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Dude looks like a lady


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Man, I could really use a drink!

Er.... forget I said anything.

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Does Borat know about this?

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Incubus - Dig

I dig this song/video. Arf arf.

who has time for that shit?

This is so frickin' hilarious once you get past being weirded out, especially by the intricate detail. I stumbled across the gut-splitting email at this excellent site called passiveagressivenotes.com. We can all relate to the notes here. Man, my ankle has to bet better. I have got too much time on my hands.

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All in Your head?


It's just that easy.

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Move it, hoppy!


This story makes me a little uncomfortable in my present and temporary state of immbobility. I can see me in a (fake) fur dress yelling as my peeps walk away, "Hey, you guys? Whereya goin'?!" And them grunting, "We'll be right back lefty!" Yeah, sure.

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What's It Gonna Be?


Paris Hellton?

Wanna see what your fave celeb would look like undead?

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It's all East vs West coast again!

I love Macs, btw.



i was able to take a couple of steps today, on my heel or the side of my foot. I really should see a doctor I suppose, but what are they gonna say? Rest it and ice it which is exactly what I am doing.

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Old Fart heaven

Who needs tickets? Wait a minute, where is REO Speedwagon?

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What does your number spell?

When I was in university, these friends of mine (Shaughnessy and Faustus, yes those are their real names) lived on Saint Urbain street and had a sorta cool answering machine message. Rather than saying, You have reached blabbedy bla bla, they would say, This is Vixen Vj. That's what their phone number spelled. Well, I thought that was pretty cool an have been slightly obsessed with words from phone numbers. So I was thrilled when I came across phonespell.org. Try it out. BTW, my number didn't spell anything out! Robbed again.

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Bitch Please

Check out the modest words from our Mr. J.T.  "Still there is one person who Justin is in love with - himself! He is not exactly bashful when it comes to assessing his appearance. Asked what he dislikes about his body, he bragged: "Physically nothing. I'm well proportioned and nothing offends me when I look in the mirror."

He added: "I defy a girl not to fall for me if I'm on a surfboard or snowboarding. It's my secret weapon if a girl resists me." And he also reckons he's irresistible to men saying that "plenty" of male stars hit on him, too.

Maybe that's why his four-year romance with Cameron Diaz went down the pan - she got fed up of him having to constantly swat away his many admirers."  Source.

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Mariopi, pay attention!

Wedding Thriller Dance

Wow. Starts off slow but they really get into it soon enough. I think I may show this to my Ravens and Shadows class next semester.

Happy Happy

My birthday is coming up soon. June 26 if anyone is innerested. Anyhoots, just in case Santa is reading my blog, I really need a box spring (Queen) and a stove! I recently became a real adult by buying a cute 100 year old (that's sarcasm) condo on a first floor. It did not come with a stove and thanks to the so called "Welcome Tax" of the Quebec government, I'll be surviving on peanut butter sandwiches. Between that and my student loan, well -- *sigh*

But no, it's all good. I aint mad atcha at, gov. I just need some mattresses and a bed. Thanks Santa! Oh, and an ankle brace. Ouch.

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Alright, I'll tell you

Note the bonus points.

You're a little young to remember all this. 10% bonus.
5 point bonus for telling me where you saw this. Thanks!

Final Score: 84.2

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If you know "A Flock of Seagulls"...

and any good 80s reference, then go do this quiz, asafp! It's totally tubular. If you tell me your score, I will tell you mine.

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Not only groovy, but sweet!

Awwww, she's so nice! Kim the grooviest  has offered to walk Chewy for me.  Now that is a good human being.p1010100.JPGThanks Kim!

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Mother of the Year?

If it's true, suddenly a new candidate has emerged to threaten the crown of Dina Lohan. Oh Lawd, someone save that child!

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I'm such a klutz

Walking Chewy the other night, I took a wipeout and sprained my ankle! I am stuck in bed and am so bored. Would someone walk my dog for me?

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Are you nuts?

Would you like to find out? Really? Are you sure?

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Technorati Profile

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You're crazy!

How can ANYONE think he's gay?

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Boo Fergie!

I really hate it when media uses these endangered intelligent creatures for cheap advertising and I especially hate empty-headed celebrities perpetuating this abuse. Orangtans do not belong on fashion magazines or on television shows or in movies or in videos (Fallout Boy I am talking to YOU)  PLEASE STOP or I will get Peta on your ass!

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When Zombies meet Prada


Seriously, this is sick. In a bad way.

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But is he heading our way?

Apparently, the Prince is raising quite the hell out west in Cowtown. He's kinda hot. Someone should tell him about all the festivals we have here in Montreal!

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Back by popular demand ...


"Tyrese is not shy about his powers of seduction. “I’m definitely more talented than most of the guys I know,” the actor and R&B star told Elle. “A lot of guys who just want to have sex will sit with the same woman and try all night. I’m able to look at a woman, have a five-minute conversation with her, and tell if it’s a waste of time or not. I figure things out a lot faster.”

I'm glad that's all your looking for Tyrese."

Source: MSNBC

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Is there a Doctor in the House

One more for Erin.  She's gone for a long time!

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For Erin in Ethiopia

It's his birthday! Don't forget to call him.

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Paris Fans

A hot mess is one of the funniest blogs out there. Visit for a good laugh about this picture. I can't believe these people took time out of their busy lunch schedules to actually do something physical, like stand.

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Nice try Archie Bunker

Photo of a Snarling DogOne of the better white supremist excuses  I have heard, I must say.

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Grand Prix and Hot Dogs

Ecosystems shift up mountainsidesRecord thaw across the ArcticMontreal was on fire this weekend and I am not talking about the temperature. It was the Grand Prix weekend, that yearly cockfest of big cars, big men, big bimbos and big restaurant and nightclub bills. Oh, I know what you're thinking as you read my sarcastic words, "Bitter, party of one!" No, I am not complaining because my invite to the wet t-shirt contest at Buennonotte was lost in the mail. I am not even complaining even though I can hear the noise of the cars here in my backyard. What upsets me was watching all the fawning media coverage and not one single media outlet mentioned the gluttony involved. Now, I am not getting all Seven Deadly Sins on anyone's ass, but hello, GLOBAL WARMING?! Hello, war in MIDDLE EAST?! Hello, George Bush and DEAD SOLDIERS?!

   I cannot be the only one who is bothered by this waste of gas. Not only gas, however, but so many other things. We really have to stop burying our heads in the sand so to speak, and realise that all this is connected. Montreal is a party city, I know, especially in the summer time when EVERYTHING is a festival. But can't we come up with anything better that this Grand Gluttony.

   I fear not. Entertainment is taking a more and more wasteful turn. Last night, when I got in (nunofyerbizness) I clicked on the TV for some dozing material, and what did I come across? A hamburger eating contest. First of all, as a vegetarian, ICK. And secondly, someone please tell me who is the Shakespeare that came up with this genius plan?

I know we aren't Americans yet, but we soon will be with this level of action. It's not bad enough that so many people in the West are morbidly obese, but we have to spit on the starving of our planet by mounting these contests. What do you win, btw? A rousing case of the runs?

Way to go, West. Another weekend of wasteful conspicuous consumption.

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