Dog born with heart again

Awwww. How cute is this? I love dogs so much, much more than people. I have two dogs, Chewy and my newest bundle of joy, Romeo the 4 kilo poodle. Plus I have my wonder cat who is really a dog, Milo. so I am officially the crazy animal lady. All I need now is to wear my lipstick AROUND the lips and dye my hair an enchanting tangerine colour.
But I digress.

Look at the beautiful heart fur on the mommy chihuahua. And she gave birth to a baby with the same heart. How adorable. Is this a sign. Dog is god backwards and god is pure love? Yeah, that's it.


peter said...

It's very interesting as I just also came across a post about a milk cow with a heart shape marking on her forehead.


There are few animals are gifted as human being fav!

Patra said...

That's beautiful. And my dog looks like that one! Is this my brother?