Nightmares continue

I may have to take up heavy drinking. Er, make that heavier drinking. Or maybe that's my problem? My weirdo-work-nightmare-world tour continues. Last night, I enter my classroom and another teacher that I work with is there, supposedly to do some sort of research for a higher position. I begin to get feelings of paranoia. Turns out that the half-assed lesson I prepared 30 seconds before class has been usurped by this most excellent lesson from the other teacher. My paranoia grows.
But the macho boys again start streaming out. This time I chase them down the hall. But now, I realise I am dreaming or I say to myself in the dream, Hey I dreamed something like this and now it's really happening! Some Matrix reality twist like that. And then somehow, one of my students now works at the Pharmacy that is part of Vanier (yay!) and I ask if I can get drugs for free. A big thumbs up. Good news right. Well, the BAD news is an obese bare-breasted woman dispenses my drugs.
I know, Valium and all those delicious concoctions are mother's milk to me? Hmmm. Paging Dr. Freud.
Then somehow I am in the dean's office and my paranoia grows even more as they tell me they check ratemyteacher.com on a regular basis. And they are all smoking cigarettes. And again, an elevator figures prominently. From here on, the dream becomes(!) too confusing to follow.
I am turning into the crazy cat lady. See post below. I gotta take up meditation.


ad said...

Have you tried consciously ending the dream? Like walking into the dream (making a cameo appearance as yourself) and yelling "cut"-type thing?

Worked wonders for me.

Patra said...

That is a good idea. I'll try it tonight and and let u know!