This does my ice cold heart good

Happy Birthday Max! Anyone who knows me even a little -- Adrianna, I'm looking atchew -- knows how much I LOVE dogs. I love them more than people. So my black heart momentarily heaved when I read this story of Max, the 26 year old dog. You go, Max!

Puppy love: Mrs Derouen attributes her pet's age to his laid-back attitude: 'He likes to lie down, relax, nap, sleep a lot and keep life simple,' she says

'He's a very, very laid back dog. He likes to lie down, relax, nap, sleep a lot and keep life simple. He'll play with the kids for a bit but if they bother him too long he'll wander off.
'He doesn't have any fancy toys, just a bit of rope and a regular squeaky ball.'
Mrs Derouen, who has eleven grandchildren, held a special birthday party for Max yesterday. 'We spoiled him just a little bit that once,' she said.

This woman, Madame Derouen is my new best friend forever even if she doesn't know it. Kudos to you Madame, for raising such a healthy happy dog. I just adopted a 10 yar old toy poodle Romeo who weighs a whopping 4 lbs. He spent his whole life in a puppy mill, breeding. Yeah, I know, to most guys, sounds like the good life, right? No. Puppy mills are hell. This gives me hope that I can give Romeo a nice long loving retirement.

Yay Max!


ad said...

As I am allergic to most things four-legged, I get to live out my pet fantasies through friends like you Ms Patra :)

And I may have already lost my heart a little to Romeo... so tiny!

Patra said...

You must me my new little boy soon.