World's Ugliest Dog attacked by group of thugs!

It's always like elementary school, no matter how old we get. This is pretty sad and horrible:

Police in Cambridgeshire are appealing for information after Mugly - who won the Britain's Ugliest Dog title in 2005 - was apparently set upon by a gang.
The Shitzu-Chinese Crested cross was rescued by a passer-by who chased off the thugs, who were allegedly seen hitting it with a stick and kicking and punching it.( Source)

Aw, poor little ugly dog. What is wrong with people? Did they pick on him because they were young, bored, angry and stoned? Because he was ugly? Because he was little and defenceless? Just because? Why do we pick on the weaker?

Just like in school... remember grades 1 and 2 and even more? We were either the kid picked on -- because we had a funny name or funny snacks or funny clothes -- or we did the picking on. Kill or be killed. At first I was the kid picked on. Ethnic kid. But I learned fast.

In grade 2, there was a boy who now I know was what was called "slow" back in the day. He had funny hair that went up like a cone in the back and a crackly voice. He was also really skinny. One day, for no good reason that I can now remember, I started whispering in class: "Hye, let's kill John Wall at recess." The message spread like a sneeze; the air became alive with the smell of blood. When the bell rang, we were all quivering with the thrill of the hunt. John, even in his slowness, realised something was up.

The doors opened and the hounds were released! John ran like the scared fox but we caught up to him; a giant pack of laughing, snarling grade two-ers. I stood back watching what I had wrought. I was so ashamed of myself.

I have never forgotten that day. And I still feel shame today.

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