Don't Go Away Angry. Just Go Away.

How do you deal with a very sensitive personality? It is all very well and good to be Zen-like and say that other people's behaviour has no effect on you. Is it true that the happier you are, the less offended you get at unintentional and thoughtless comments?

What if, say, there is a person at work who is such a character? Dealing with people at work is a trickier  dance. We are expected to work together for a long time, maybe even many years, so we have to be colleagial and respectful and mature.

Yeah right.
What if there is someone who stomps around and stops talking to people at the drop of a hat. Spurns colleagues in the elevator? Defriends people on social media? After the second or third time of this, how does one react?

Do you give in to this tyrannical behaviour? It is a form of control, after all, non? Do what I say, act how I want you to act, or I withdraw my precious friendship. My love is conditional upon you pleasing me. 

One of the biggest problems with this kind of problem solving, and I use that term very sarcastically, is that you never know what you have done wrong. People who are easily offended are offended at everything and everything can set them off. 

You can choose to respond in a myriad ways. One is of course, ignore the high school ridiculousness of it all and stay professional. Two is to also be hurt and withdraw. And three is to point and laugh. Every time you see this person.

I like number 3. That won't get me killed at all.

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